The Reward module provides you with a wide range of benefits that you can offer to your customers in exchange for their points. Going beyond monetary discounts, the module introduces mechanisms that help you add experiential and gamification factors to your loyalty scheme.
Using the reward endpoints of the Display API, you can display your reward offering on the membership site, where customers can redeem their loyalty points to claim rewards.

Find the configuration page of the Reward module by clicking the icon in the sidebar. The page will open to a list of rewards that have already been added with the following information:

  • Name of the reward
    A text label, immediately below the unique ID, specifies if the reward is Active or Inactive.

  • Reward type

  • Point price of the reward

Setting up a new reward

You can access and display all the below configured information on the membership site through the Display API and/or the Entities API. Please instruct your developers to implement the necessary calls.

  • Click the 'Create new reward’ option in the sidebar of the Rewards module page

  • Select the type of reward you want to add

    • Bidding – let your customers compete for a reward by outbidding each other

    • Bundle reward – assign multiple coupons at the same time when the customer claims a bundled reward

    • Coupon – assign discount codes that your customers can use at checkout

    • Content & custom reward – if you have special plans for your customers, these types let you create the rewards you imagine
      The only difference is that the custom type enables HTML to be embedded in the configuration fields.

    • Gift card – assign a prepaid voucher that can be used multiple times until the entire monetary value is spent

    • Downloadable item – reward customers with digital downloadable items like ebooks, sound effects, or wallpapers

    • Dynamic coupon – assign a coupon with a value that depends on the number of points the customer spends to claim the reward

    • Dynamic reward - let customers claim rewards of dynamic values without a coupon being assigned

    • Physical items – award gifts from your inventory or branded goods
      Please note that Antavo does not take part in the delivery of physical rewards.

    • Virtual badge – introduce fun badges that can help customers feel like a part of your community

  • Click ‘Next’ at the bottom of the page

Common settings of all reward types

In the first three sections, you can define all the required information and the method of reward redemption.

Basic information

  • Name the reward

  • Write a description

  • Add redeem instructions

  • Add Terms and Conditions
    We recommend consulting your legal team to make sure the reward claim and redemption are in accordance with your local regulations.

  • Label the reward claim button

  • Upload a reward image

  • Upload a gallery
    You can upload multiple pictures of your rewards.

  • Select a reward category
    Reward categories only serve informative purposes in the Backoffice. Read more about them here.


Use this section to administer the cost of the reward to your business. The currency of the cost value is your default currency that was set during the implementation phase. Please contact the Antavo Service Desk if you want to change the default currency.

The ‘Reward cost’ field has an informative purpose only.


General settings

  • Set the point price of the reward
    If the Multicurrency module is enabled, you can set different point prices for each currency by clicking the ‘Price per currency’ button.

  • Set a custom ‘Thank you’ page - applicable to Antavo-built membership sites only
    If you want to use a previously created custom 'Thank you' page, you can select it from the dropdown list. Learn more about the thank you pages here.

  • Set the start date and the end date
    Customers can claim the reward only in the time interval between the start and end dates.

    • Decide if you want to display the reward on the membership site
      If the ‘Display ‘coming soon' before start date’ option is enabled, the Display API that lists the available rewards for each customer will include the reward with ‘scheduled’ status before the start date.

    • Enable countdown until the start date and/or the end date
      The countdown is only available if the Antavo-built iframe membership site solution is implemented on your website.


  • Restrict the reward to segments
    You can choose to make the reward available for specific customer segments and/or lists only. You can add multiple segments using the dropdown list. This configuration field works with a logical or operator, which means that the reward is accessible to the members of any of the selected segment(s) and list(s).

    • Display the reward only for the selected segments
      Tick the box if you want to hide the reward from customers who are not in the selected segments.
      If you do not hide the reward, the Display API that lists the available rewards for each customer will include the reward with ‘restricted' status to customers outside of the selected segment(s) with the default restriction message.

  • Hide the reward from the list of claimable rewards
    You can create hidden rewards that are not visible to customers through the list of claimable rewards (the reward is not included in the API response), but you can assign them with the workflow Reward claim action as a surprise gift.

  • *Turn on the ‘Stock’ radio button if you have a limited number of rewards and enter the number of items available
    If the reward runs out of stock, Display API that lists the available rewards for each customer will include the reward with ‘restricted' status.

  • *Turn on the ‘Limit’ radio button to define how many times one customer can claim the reward
    If the customer has reached the claim limit, Display API that lists the available rewards for each customer will include the reward with ‘completed’ status.

  • *Set a claim repeat interval
    If the customer has claimed the reward within the repeat interval, Display API that lists the available rewards for each customer will include the reward with ‘completed’ status.
    The repeat interval should be set in the following format: ({number}minute(s)|hour(s)|day(s)|month(s)|year(s))

*These settings are not available for the Bidding and Downloadable types of rewards.

Reward transfer

  • Enable reward transfer
    This possibility enables individual customers to send their rewards to their family members or friends via email or through the customer ID. In case the email address or ID that was provided does not exist in Antavo, the system will automatically create a new inactive, so-called “ghost” customer account and assign the reward to this account.

  • Transfer limit
    Set how many times the reward can be shared. Add '0' to disable the transfer limit.
    Only the primary assignee can share the reward.

  • Transfer points
    Set the number of points to be given to the customer who transfers this reward.

  • Transfer coupon expiration
    Only applicable to coupon-type rewards, read more here.

Restriction messages

Add restriction message(s) to inform customers why they cannot claim the reward at the moment.

  • Use the first field to enter the default message

  • Add conditional messages

    • Select one of the restricting conditions (start date, end date, segment, stock, limit, repeat interval)

    • Click '+'

    • Enter the restriction message

The applicable message is included in the error response that the Events API provides when the reward claim fails. The default message is returned if a specific conditional message for the current restricted situation is not configured.


  • Enable notifications
    Tick the box if you want to send a reward claim notification to customers.
    This feature requires configuration on Antavo’s side, please contact the Antavo Service Desk for further information.

  • Email notification to the brand owner
    Tick the box if you want to send a notification to the brand owner about the claim.
    The brand owner is set on Antavo’s side therefore please contact the Antavo Service Desk if you’d like to replace the brand owner.

Custom fields

  • Webhook data
    If you use the Webhooks module and the Reward action is selected in the settings, you can add custom data forwarded within the webhook message.
    Add data fields by clicking the ‘Add new field button’ and define the name and the value of the data field to be included in the webhook message.


If you use the Stores module, you can restrict the reward redemption of the claimed rewards to specific stores in the ‘Stores' field. Make sure you add the 'Reward’ item to the list of models and define the fieldset so that you can find the configuration field on the reward editor interface.

Antavo provides the list of stores where the reward has been enabled through the API so that you can apply the necessary restrictions and implement validation steps in your systems.

User Groups

In case you use the User group module and enabled the Reward entity in the settings, you need to assign a group to the reward. Unauthorized users will not be able to access the reward in the Backoffice and the corresponding reward statistics.

Points economy

If your brand uses Multi-accounts, select the account from which the spent points should be deducted.

Specific settings of reward types

Some types of rewards may have type-specific settings in the last section of the reward editor.

Bidding rewards

  • Set the bid step
    The minimum bid value will be raised by this amount with every bid.

  • Reserve customer points on bid
    Tick the box if you want only the highest bidding customer’s points to be deducted, otherwise, all bid points will be deducted from customers’ point balances immediately after they make their bids.

Coupon rewards

Coupon specific settings

The source of a coupon type-reward is a coupon pool previously configured under the Coupons module which is enabled in the Backoffice by default. After you have created the coupon pool under Coupons, you can select it under the ‘Coupon pool' dropdown field on the Reward editor interface.
When the coupon pool has been selected, the help text under the field displays information about the source, type, and amount settings of the pool and the number of coupon code combinations available.

  • Select the coupon source
    You have three options when defining the source of the coupon code.

    • Upload
      Choose the upload option if you want to upload a set of coupons to distribute. You can learn more about how to upload coupon codes here.
      When the number of available coupons for a specific currency drops below 15% after a reward claim, our system notifies the workspace admin that the coupons are running low. If multiple reward claims are registered while coupons are low, only one email notification is sent every 24 hours. If you need assistance to set or change the workspace admin user, contact the Antavo Service Desk.

    • Generate
      If you want Antavo to generate codes, define the coupon pattern that the automatic coupon generation will follow, based on the following rules:

      • “#” denotes a digit (0-9)

      • “@” denotes an alphabetic character (A-Z)

      • “*” denotes an alphanumeric character

      • all other characters can be added as literals (eg. if you set ‘@##COUPON’, a generated coupon code could be G11COUPON or T35COUPON)
        If you would like to assign a generic coupon code to all customers, don’t use pattern characters, only literals (eg. if you set ‘SPRINGCOUPON’, all coupons codes to each customer claiming the reward will be generated as SPRINGCOUPON)

    • Remote
      If you’d like to maintain control over coupon management, you can set a callback URL endpoint that serves Antavo with coupon codes to issue. If you need us to serve your endpoint with the pattern, you can define it here.

  • Set a minimum basket value restriction

  • Set a coupon expiration time

    • Period – the expiration date of the coupon will be dynamically set when the coupon reward is claimed and assigned to the customer (eg. 1 week, 2 months, etc.)

    • Specific date – the expiration date is a predefined date (eg. 2012-08-31)

  • Set coupon type and value
    Decide whether you want to offer a percentage-off coupon or a fixed-amount discount and specify the value. You can add fraction values (eg. $0.99).
    Please note that this information only serves administrative purposes in the Backoffice.

  • Enable aggregated coupons to let customers claim and use the same coupon code multiple times
    If aggregation is active, the customer’s reward claims will not create multiple coupons, but increase the number of times the customer can use the same coupon.


Please keep in mind that Antavo doesn’t handle coupon validation at checkout. We provide all the information about restrictions and the value of the coupon through the Display API endpoint, but you need to take care checking the eligibility and reducing the total value of the basket when the customer redeems the coupon code.

Transfer coupon expirations

In case your coupon reward has been set as transferable, you can choose from the following options under the Mechanics section to set the expiration date of the transferred coupon:

  • Remain – the expiration date of the transferred coupon will remain the same as the originally assigned coupon

  • Modify – define the expiration time relative to the date of the transfer
    The original expiration date of the assigned coupon will be overwritten with the new expiration date.
    Example: current date is 2023-02-01 and the expiration time is 1 month, then the new expiration date is 2023-03-01.

  • Extend – extend the original expiration date of the assigned coupon with a specific amount of time
    The original expiration date of the assigned coupon will be overwritten with the new expiration date.
    Example: the current expiration date of the coupon is 2023-12-31 and the expiration time is 6 months, then the new expiration date is 2024-06-31.

Bundle rewards

  • Select coupon pools from the dropdown list
    Please note that Bundle rewards can only be used with Coupon pools and please contact the Antavo Service Desk if the module is not enabled in the Backoffice.

Dynamic and dynamic coupon rewards

  • Min price
    Minimum points that can be spent on the reward/coupon

  • Max price
    Maximum points that can be spent on the reward/coupon

  • Price step
    The number of points between possible point prices

  • Exchange rate
    The conversion rate of points to the coupon value

  • Select the coupon pool from the ‘Source’ dropdown list - only applicable to dynamic coupon rewards
    Only the ‘Amount’ type of coupon pools can be selected.
    Please note, that Dynamic coupon rewards can only be used with Coupon pools, please contact the Antavo Service Desk if the module is not enabled in the Backoffice.

Downloadable item

Use the ‘Downloadable file’ field to upload the file that you want to offer as a reward.
The Display API returns the URL endpoint where the file is accessible.

Physical item

In case you use the Product catalog module in the loyalty program, you’ll find a ‘Product’ field at the bottom of the configuration page to select an item from your product inventory as a physical reward.

Use the dropdown menu to select the product. The search bar helps you find the item by its name or product ID.

Virtual badge

  • Upload the badge image you want to offer as a reward
    The Display API returns the URL endpoint where the file is accessible.

Saving and activating a reward

Once you have entered all the information required for the reward, save your settings using the ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the setup page. First, the reward will be saved as ‘inactive’, which means the reward will not be available for customers to claim and will appear only in the list of rewards.
After you have saved your new reward, you can activate it right away using the ‘Set active’ button on the upper right-hand side of the reward setup page and confirm the activation in the dialog that subsequently appears.

In the case of Coupon type rewards, please don’t forget to upload coupons using the Upload option under the Coupons tab or inside the Coupons module interface before activating the reward.

If you don’t want to activate the reward immediately after saving, you can always find the activation button on the reward editor page.

Translate text

In case you use the Multilanguage module in your loyalty program, the ‘Translate’ buttons are available for you on the reward editor interface to translate all texts to each language enabled. If you don’t specify custom texts, the base text will be applied to all languages.

Assign pass template

Given that you have already created coupon pass templates under the Passes tab of the Wallet module, you can assign one of them to any of the coupon-type rewards. This way customers can redeem coupons in-store using the pass on their mobile devices.

If you use one of the coupon pools added under Coupons, the pass template can be selected on the coupon pool configuration page. However, if Coupons is not enabled, the Passes tab will appear under the editor interface after you have created the reward.

Use the ‘Pass template’ dropdown field to select one of the available templates and click ‘Save’.

Managing rewards

Edit a reward

  • Go to the Rewards tab

  • Click the hamburger button of the reward that you would like to edit

  • Click ‘Edit’

  • Edit your reward

  • If you are editing a coupon type of reward, the Updating coupons section allows you to keep control of coupon changes when any reward setting is updated.

    • Update Criteria

      • Do not update coupons – only the coupons that are added from now on will inherit the new properties

      • Update unassigned coupons – coupons that have been already created but not yet assigned to a customer will inherit the new properties

      • Update not yet redeemed coupons – coupons that are assigned but not yet redeemed (used at checkout) will inherit the new properties

      • Update all coupons – all coupons will inherit the new coupon properties

    • Update matching coupons
      Enable this option to update only those coupons which have the same original coupon value as the value set by the current update.

  • Save your changes by clicking ‘Save’ at the bottom of the page

Please note, that if the Content approval module is active in the Backoffice with the Reward module enabled, only users with approval rights can make changes in the settings of the rewards without approval. Other users’ modifications have to be submitted for approval so that an approver can review the change before it goes live.

Clone a reward

If you want to create more rewards with similar settings, you have the option to clone them. This mechanism duplicates all settings.

  • Go to the Rewards tab

  • Click the hamburger button of the reward that you would like to clone

  • Click the ‘Edit’ button of the reward that you would like to duplicate

  • In the upper right corner, click ‘Clone’
    Once it is done, the editor page of the newly created clone reward is opened with a 'Reward is successfully cloned.’ success message displayed

  • Edit the reward as necessary

  • Click ‘Save’

Deactivate a reward

If you choose to remove the reward from the membership site even before the end date, you can deactivate it anytime.

  • Go to the Rewards management page

  • Click on the reward you want to deactivate

  • Click on the ‘Set inactive’ button on the upper right-hand side of the page

  • Confirm your choice in the dialog that appears

Archive a reward

You have the option to delete inactive rewards from the Backoffice by archiving them.

  • Go to the Rewards management page

  • Click on the inactive reward you want to archive

  • Click on the ‘Archive’ button on the upper right-hand side of the page

  • Confirm your choice in the dialog that appears

Archiving is irreversible. Once a reward is archived, it cannot be restored anymore.

Import rewards

Rewards can be created or updated through the Imports module as well.
As the import process does not include image upload, please make sure you add the image(s) using the ‘Image’ and optionally the ‘Gallery’ fields, to be able to display them to customers properly.

Sorting of rewards

You can define the order of the rewards on the membership site by selecting the ‘Sorting’ option in the sidebar. The list of the flows returned by the Display API will be ordered based on the sorting set.
Just drag and drop the reward to change the order, and the changes are automatically applied.

If your rewards are categorized on the membership site, please consult the Antavo Service Desk about this functionality.

Filter rewards

Filter your rewards in the Backoffice by clicking the ‘Filters’ button at the top-right corner of the module configuration page. After you set filter conditions (eg. status, type, point price), click ‘Apply’ to see the filtered list, or ‘Reset’ to close the filter menu and see the entire list again.

Best practices

  • Jot down a list of possible rewards you can offer. Consider what kinds of rewards your customers might expect from you.

  • Think about rewards that your customers can buy in your store and also exclusive specialties like VIP events, personalized goods, workshops, and limited edition items. Exclusive rewards are usually more expensive, but they can create a strong emotional bond between you and your customer, which is the driving force for brand loyalty.

  • Don’t neglect logistics when planning your rewards. Antavo can trigger an external event to your newsletter provider to notify your customers that they redeemed a reward, but your team must take care of shipping and delivery.

  • Offer the most valuable rewards to your most valuable customers. Limiting rewards to segments that collect customers of higher tiers, while still making them visible to all members, can encourage lower-tier customers to work their way up to get access to exclusive rewards.

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