Incentivized purchase

Reward customers for making purchases by giving them points that can be spent on rewards, using the Incentivized purchase module.

The number of points given for each purchase is a predefined percentage of the value of the individual products purchased or the total basket value.

Loyalty points can be redeemed for discounts on subsequent purchases, reducing the total basket value of future purchases. As this is a core feature of Antavo, you can learn more about it in our Settings manual. Please ask your developer team to build the redemption interface in your webstore environment.

You can let your customers know how many points they can earn by buying each item with the help of the incentivizing snippet integrated into your product pages. Contact the Antavo Service Desk for further information.

Find the configuration page for the Incentivized purchase module by clicking on the Modules icon in the sidebar and typing it into the search bar or scrolling down to the ‘Core’ module category.

If your brand uses Points economy, the Incentivized purchase configuration is integrated into Points economy and you’ll be redirected automatically to the Earn rules tab of the Points economy module.

If your brand uses Multi-accounts, you’ll be redirected to the homepage of the Multi-accounts module where you will see the list of accounts that you have already set up. Click the ‘Edit’ button on the right end of the row to set up the specifics of the chosen account. Here, you can configure the Incentivized purchase settings under the Earn rules tab for each of the accounts added.

Point logic

This section sets up the point logic that will be the basis for rewarding your customers for making purchases in your store.

Level of awarding points

  • Item level
    The number of points to earn is calculated on the level of individual item subtotals within the transaction.

  • Transaction level
    The number of points to earn is calculated on the level of the transaction total.

Point calculation

  • Set the percentage of the purchased product’s value to be awarded as points by default
    Eg. if you set the point percentage to 10%, a customer who purchases one product for €100 and another product for €10 will earn 11 points in total.
    This is a mandatory field that must contain a non-zero value from 1 to 100.

  • Click the ‘Add currency’ button to define currency percentages
    You can set alternative percentages that override the default percentage configured in the previous step if a purchase is made with a specific currency. You can add multiple currency percentages.

    • Define the currency
      We recommend using ISO 4217 codes.

    • Set the currency percentage
      Eg. if your default point percentage is 10%, but you add USD currency with 20%, then a customer who purchases one product for $100 and another product for $10 will earn 22 points in total.

  • Reward points for the discounted price - only available for item-level point calculation
    Enable this option if you would like to calculate the number of rewarded points based on the discounted price instead of the full price.
    Please note, that you should send the discount information in the checkout_item API event so that Antavo can calculate based on the discounted price.

Rounding method

  • Specify the rounding method that is used to calculate the points

    • Round – all decimal point values will be rounded according to general mathematical rounding rules (eg.: 38,7 points will round up to 39 points; 38,3 points will round down to 38 points)

    • Ceil – all decimal point values will be rounded up (eg.: both 38,3 and 38,7 points will round up to 39 points)

    • Floor – all decimal point values will be rounded down. (eg.: both 38,3 and 38,7 points will be rounded to 38 points)

  • Set the rounding logic - only available for item-level point calculation

    • Apply rounding per item – if the customer purchases more than one piece from the same item, the rewarded points for each piece purchased are calculated and rounded separately

    • Apply rounding per item subtotal – if the customer purchases more than one piece from the same item, the rewarded points are calculated and rounded based on the total value of the pieces

Special earn rules

Segment-specific earn rules can be configured under the Special earn rules section.

  • Click the ‘+Add new special earn rule’ button to add a new rule

  • Select the segment the rule should be applied on

  • Set the priority
    If the customer is part of more segments that have an associated special earn rule, the higher priority rule will be applied to the purchase (a lower number means higher priority).

  • Define currency percentages for selected segments
    Please make sure you set at least one currency.

    • Define the currency

    • Set the currency percentage


The Preview section on the right-hand side can be used to preview the results of the Point logic details that were entered. 

Use the ‘Segment’ dropdown field and define the ‘Currency’ to make sure the right earn rule is applied to the calculation.

The calculator varies depending on whether transaction-level or item-level point logic has been configured.

Item-level preview

The heading line contains the labels for the fields displayed below. These headings include: 

  • Product name
    The name of the product that, if purchased, will generate points according to the details specified.

  • Qty (Quantity)
    The number of units of the product that were purchased.

  • Unit price
    The product’s unit price.

  • Discount
    The product’s discount as a percentage (if any).

  • Subtotal
    The subtotal is the quantity (Qty) multiplied by the unit price minus the discount percentage.

  • Points
    This is the number of points that are to be awarded/generated for that product based on the point logic rules that have been specified.

Adding and removing product entries

By using the ‘Add’ button, additional qualifying products can be added, and then for each of them, applicable information for the new entry may be entered. For each product added, the results for that product can be previewed, based upon the Point logic variables specified.

Any of the products can be removed by clicking the x which is at the end of each detail row for that product.

If there are two or more products entered, the Preview section displays the cumulative amounts in the bottom right section. 

  • Subtotal sums the subtotal purchase amounts in the currency specified for all products added

  • Discount sums the discounted purchase amounts in the currency specified for each product added

  • Shipping displays the applicable shipping fees (if any)

  • Total sums the Subtotal less the Discount (if any)

  • Points sum the points totals for each product added

Transaction-level preview

The transaction-level calculator has only one input field, which is the total basket value of the purchase. The ‘Points’ field displays the number of points to be earned for the given transaction value.

Loyalty card

When the Incentivized purchase module is enabled, you may want to display information about this point-earning option on the membership site in the form of a loyalty card.

Please note, that this section is not available if you use this module being integrated into the Multi-accounts module.

In the second section of the module configuration page, you can control the following aspects of the appearance of the card:

  • Decide whether you want to have the loyalty card content available through the Display API
    If enabled, the content that you configure below will be available through the /customers/{customer_id}/activities/earn endpoint of the Display API so that you can insert it on the membership site.

  • Set the title of the card

  • Add a custom image

  • Add a description to the card

At the bottom center of the screen, are two buttons, ‘Cancel’ and ‘Save’.

If none of the specifications entered are to be kept, click ‘Cancel’ to discard all unsaved data.

Click ‘Save’ to save all changes applied to the products and generate points according to the specifications entered.

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