General settings

When opening the Settings item on the sidebar, you can find General settings under the first tab.

Basic contact and branding information

  • Set the name of your brand on the Backoffice

  • Set the default email address of the brand
    This serves informative purposes in the Backoffice only.

  • Set sender name
    This is the sender's name on all automatic loyalty emails that are sent by Antavo (if any).

  • Set sender email
    This will appear as the sender address of the automatic loyalty emails.

  • Set the website URL
    You can include it in automatic loyalty emails and/or the membership site if it is built by Antavo as an iframe.

  • Enable/Disable auto-subscribe
    If enabled, auto-subscribe creates an inactive customer when an action is submitted with a unique customer ID that does not exist in the customer database.

Please note that if auto-subscribe is enabled, inactive customers are evaluated by configured workflows. To exclude inactive customers from workflow execution, add a customer attribute filter to your workflow and specify the condition to exclude inactive customers.

  • Set the brand logo
    You can include it in automatic loyalty emails and/or the membership site if it is built by Antavo as an iframe.


Localization information

  • Set the default language of the loyalty program
    In case your loyalty program handles multiple languages, use the Translations feature to define custom texts.

  • Set the brand timezone of the loyalty program
    This timezone will affect all time-related settings in the loyalty program, except for the following cases where times are to be set based on UTC timezone:

If UTC timezone has to be used, the time is converted to the brand timezone and displayed in the help text below the configuration field to help the understanding of time differences.

Antavo servers have UTC time synchronized clocks.

Point burning

  • Set how much a point is worth in the loyalty program
    This is the metric used to calculate the discount that customers can get at checkout.


In case you use the Burn rules option in the Points economy module, this setting is not applicable. Learn more about Burn rules here.

Domains and URLs

The domain and URL settings are useful if you have an Antavo-built iframe solution for your membership site.

  • Define the protocol of your membership site

  • Set the custom domain of the membership site
    To ensure a white-label solution, define a custom domain by selecting the appropriate protocol.

  • Set the login page and the registration page of your webstore
    When customers visit the membership site without being logged in, it is encouraged for them to log in or sign up.


  • Set the complexity of Backoffice user passwords

    • Simple - minimum 7 characters, including a lowercase and an uppercase letter or a special character or a number

    • Complex - minimum 8 characters, including an uppercase and lowercase letter and a special character and a number

  • Define the password expiration time in days
    Upon the first login attempt after a password has expired, the user is prompted to set a new password. If you don’t want passwords to expire, leave this field empty.

After making changes in the general settings, please don’t forget to click the ‘Update’ button at the bottom before leaving the page to save the new settings.

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