Image upload

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There are several modules in Antavo where uploading an image is mandatory or recommended. Image access information is returned by the endpoints of the Display API, therefore they might be displayed on passed or on the membership site.

Image upload is available in the following program functionalities:

File type

There is no definitive list of supported image types. The backend’s image converter software supports all file types – JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF are our recommendations.

Image/File size

There is no limit on pixel size; the maximum file size is 8MB.

Private image handling

The private image handling provides secure access to media items uploaded on Backoffice interfaces. There’s an option to set the accessibility as private which means that the Display API endpoints return pre-signed URLs to access media items.

The pre-signed image URLs are cached for 20 minutes, please make sure the URLs are cached accordingly on your end too.

Please contact the Antavo Service Desk if you want to enable private image handling.

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