Basic concepts

About Workflows

Antavo’s Workflows (previously known as Rules) module is designed and built to refine customer engagement journey flows, from modifying the loyalty program mechanism to set up periodic campaigns.

A workflow is the fundamental structure of the rules, which starts with one single trigger and ends in action (or multiple actions) if all the mid-course criteria are met.

The drag-and-drop interface allows for more independent usage, without involving the IT department. With a branching logic, the no-code Workflow Editor assists in setting up automated sequences comprehensively, even if you wish to set up and apply a highly-sophisticated mechanism.

Access Workflows within the Antavo Backoffice simply by clicking the Workflows icon on the left sidebar.

Workflow Types - Campaigns and General workflows

There are two types of automated sequences available with different purposes and characteristics: Campaigns and General workflows.

While Campaigns are designed to run in a given timeframe with a definite start and end date, General workflows are active until the brand’s loyalty program is up and running or until being manually inactivated, if necessary.

Along with this, a General workflow can only have one rule associated, but a campaign can include an unlimited number of workflows to support a multi-layer campaign with a set of triggers.

Furthermore, Campaigns will automatically generate metrics, in order to help you analyze the performance of workflows.



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