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Antavo offers the possibility of preconfiguring multiple authenticated trusted sites in one single interface, making it easier and quicker to operate outgoing webhook messages through workflows.

The Webhooks extension makes the ‘Webhook message’ workflow action node appear in the workflow editor. This node offers a dropdown that allows you to choose a preconfigured trusted site authentication – instead of the one called 'Webhook message (legacy)' where all details need to be added individually. We recommend using this node as it facilitates the easy and quick configuration of trusted sites without any possibility of errors.

Find the details about pre-configuring multiple authenticated sites under the Trusted sites user manual and the description of the workflow action node here.

Find the module by searching for ‘Webhooks' under the Modules menu. The page has two sub-menus: Logs and Queue.


Find here the log of the outgoing webhooks. The list displays the following information about each webhook message trigger attempt:

  • Created at – the date when the webhook message was sent

  • Action – the event that triggered the webhook message

  • Customer – link to the affected customer’s profile

  • Response code – the code that the external party responded with

  • Status – the status code of the webhook message

    • Queued – the webhook message will be sent shortly

    • Resent – the external party responded with an error, or did not respond within the timeout interval, so a new webhook message with the same content has been resent in 10 seconds

    • Failed – Antavo attempts to resend the webhook message 5 times with a 10-second interval, the failed status is registered after 5 unsuccessful attempts

    • Done – the external party responded with a success message

Log entries are retained for 90 days (7.776.000 seconds).


Backoffice users can monitor the status of the webhook requests in case of asynchronous processing. The queue list has the following columns:

  • ID – identifier of the webhook request

  • Customer – link to the affected customer’s profile

  • Trusted Site – the trusted site’s name

  • Retries – the number of resends. In case a webhook has failed, the system tries to send it a maximum of 5 times.

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