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Dotdigital is a marketing automation platform that offers various tools for marketing, including email marketing. It can be used to create and distribute newsletters, as well as other types of marketing communications.

Integrating Dotdigital with Antavo allows businesses to synchronize customer data between the two platforms, to better engage with their customers by sending personalized emails to customers using loyalty-related data.

Find the configuration page of the Dotdigital module by typing it into the search bar of the Modules menu.

Configuring the Antavo – Dotdigital connection

The setup of the Dotdigital integration requires inserting your Dotdigital API username and password which can be obtained from the Dotdigital platform, under the API users tab.

Customer synchronization

Once the connection is set, selecting Dotdigital from the list of integrations allows you to select the customer data to be synchronized from Antavo to Dotdigital.

Click on 'Add new field ' to configure the field synchronization between the two systems.

  • The items in the left column’s dropdown called Loyalty fields display the fields that are found within Antavo.

  • Remote fields represent the equivalent fields in Dotdigital.

  • Add more field mappings by adding new rows at the bottom.

  • Click ‘Save’.

After saving, data from Antavo will be sent to Dotdigital to update contact data. The list of contact fields is obtained from your Dotdigital account.

Once a field pairing is created, it can only be reset after first deleting it, by selecting the trashcan icon.


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