Some of Antavo’s features require cron jobs to complete automated tasks running in the background periodically based on a configurable schedule, like generating charts on the Dashboard or executing date-triggered workflows.

Under the Jobs subpage of the Settings menu, you can create new jobs, manage previously created jobs, and check the logs of job executions.

When navigating to the Jobs page, you can find the list of jobs that have been created with the following information:

  • Name of the job

  • The task and the action that the job executes

  • Configured schedule of job execution

  • Status of the job ( or )

Setting up a new job

  • Click the ‘ Create new job’ button in the sidebar

Basic information

  • Name the job

Command settings

  • Define the task and action that the job should execute

  • Click the 'Add new parameter ' to add a type parameter key and value
    You can add multiple parameters to the same job.

Please consult the taks and actions list if you need further information to define the task.


Define the time when cron jobs should be executed.

  • Minute

  • Hour(s)

  • Day(s) of month
    In addition to numeric values of the month, you can also add 'L' to execute the job on the last day of the month.

  • Month(s)

  • Day(s) of week
    You can use numerical values from 1-7 to define the day of the week (eg. 1=Monday, 7=Sunday).

You can define multiple values in each field by using a comma (,) to separate the values (eg. configuring the ‘Hour’ field with ‘1,13’ value would run the job twice a day, at 1 am and 1 pm).

Adding * to any of the time settings will trigger the execution of the job at every minute/hour/day/month.

At the bottom of the page you can find important information about your brand timezone, please make sure you create the schedule based on your brand timezone that is highlighted here.

Saving and activating the new job

Once you have configured the job, save your settings using the ‘Create’ button at the bottom of the setup page. First, the job will be saved as ‘inactive’. This means the job will not be executed and will appear only in the list of jobs in the Backoffice until you decide to activate it.
After you have created your new job, you can activate it anytime using the ‘Set active’ button on the upper right-hand side of the offer setup page and confirm the activation in the dialog that subsequently appears.

Managing jobs

Edit a job

  • Navigate to the Jobs tab

  • Click the hamburger button of the job you want to edit

  • Click ‘Edit’

  • Edit your offer

  • Click ‘Update’ at the bottom of the page

Deactivate a job

  • Navigate to the Jobs tab

  • Click the hamburger button of the job you want to edit

  • Click ‘Edit’

  • Click the ‘Set inactive’ button on the upper right corner of the page

  • Confirm your choice in the dialog that appears

Archive a job

Archiving jobs is not possible. Please make sure you keep the jobs that you don’t want to use inactive.

Search for a job

Use the search bar to search for a specific job’s name in the job list on the Jobs page.

Job logs

The Log tab helps to keep track of the job executions and their output.

To open the logs page of a job, click the correspondent hamburger button on the Jobs page and select the 'Log' option. The list displays the following information about each cron job execution:

  • Created at - the date when the job execution started

  • Finished at - the date when the job execution was finished

  • Output - the end result of the job execution

By clicking the ‘View’ button, you may find further details of the job execution.


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