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The vast majority of people seek and accept friend recommendations when considering a purchase so marketers can make use of word-of-mouth marketing and social referrals. Giving rewards to customers who refer friends encourages this habit. The Friend referral module can be used to incentivize customers to invite their friends to shop in your store for points.

When a friend clicks on the referral link of their referrer for the first time, a popup will appear displaying a coupon code that they can use to get a discount on their first purchase. The loyalty member gets loyalty points through the referral_points event which is registered automatically when the invited friend uses the coupon code in the checkout process effectively.

Find the configuration page by opening the Modules menu and searching for the ‘Friend referral’ module in the list. The page will open to the ‘Settings’ tab where the referral mechanism can be configured.


Point logic

In the first section, you can set up the point logic that will be the basis of rewarding your customers for referring their friends.

  • Specify the number of points your customer will earn when a friend they invite makes a purchase

  • Select which purchases should be rewarded with points

    • Referred friend’s first purchase - assign points for the referred customer’s first purchase only, when the first checkout event is registered.
      If the Checkout accept module is enabled, the points are allocated when the pending period is over and checkout_accept event is registered.

    • All of the referred friend’s purchases - assign points for the first purchase and all subsequent purchases of the new customer

We recommend only rewarding the first purchase, to maintain control over the total number of points that can be earned with this module.

  • Select the percentage value of the coupon that will be assigned to the referred customer
    Please make sure you set a non-zero value here.

We recommend setting the percentage between 10-30% so that the discount value is enticing enough for first-time shoppers to make a purchase, without “over-rewarding” those newcomers.

Communication channels Legacy

  • Referred friend coupon reminder
    By enabling this option, your newly acquired customers will receive an email reminder about their coupon
    To customize the email:

    • Go to the Settings menu

    • Navigate to the Emails tab in the left sidebar

    • Look for the ‘Coupon reminder’ email

    • Click the ‘Edit’ option under the hamburger button

    • Edit the email using our WYSIWYG editor or use our built-in HTML and CSS editor

    • Click ‘Save’ before leaving the page

You can send a test email to yourself through the hamburger button, to see how the email will look from a loyalty program member’s perspective.

  • Standalone referral page
    The dedicated page for your referral program will appear as a separate menu item on your membership site. On this page, your customers can find their unique share link and follow the invites they’ve sent and the points they earned.
    To customize this page:

    • Go to the Settings menu

    • Navigate to the Design tab in the left sidebar

    • Look for the 'Friend referral’ page

    • Click the ‘Edit’ button

    • Use our built-in HTML and CSS editor to customize the page

  • Open popup
    Tick the checkbox if you would like to have the referral popup automatically opened when the referee lands on your website through the share link of their friend that displays the coupon code.
    Contact the Antavo Service Desk if you need help customizing this popup.

Coupon settings

Choose a coupon source. You can choose to use your own list of codes or the platform can generate codes on your behalf.

  • Upload
    If you want to use your own coupon codes, upload a .csv format file with one code in each row.
    When 90% of the coupons have been claimed, our system will send a notification to the owner of the brand that your coupons are running low.

  • Generate
    If you want Antavo to generate codes, define the coupon pattern. You can use the following placeholder characters:

    • # denotes a digit (0-9)

    • @ denotes an alphabet character (a-z)

    • ^ denotes a capital alphabet character (A-Z)

    • * denotes an alphanumeric character

    • $ denotes a capital alphanumeric character

All other characters should be added as literals (eg. if you set '@##COUPON’, a generated coupon code could be G11COUPON or T35COUPON).

The codes are generated while the popup opens.

  • Remote
    If you’d like to maintain control over coupon management on your end, you can set a callback URL endpoint that serves us the coupon codes to assign to a referee.

Loyalty Card

In the final section of the module configuration page, you can configure the content that the activities/earn Display API endpoint will return when you send a request to query the customer’s point-earning options.

  • Card title
    Set the title of the card.

  • Upload file
    Find the information about image upload requirements here.

  • Card description
    Add a description of this point-earning option.

If you use the Multi-language module, you can find the 'Translate' buttons located on the right side of the fields to enter the card title and description texts in the relevant languages.

Points Economy

If you use the Multi-account module, the 'Account' field is added to the configuration interface that you can use to select the account to which the referral points should be allocated via the referral_points event.

At the end of the setup process, please don’t forget to click on the ‘Save’ button.

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